You could be driving on a smooth road, and an unfortunate stray stone could fly right into your windscreen or door glass. Or you might park your car and come back to see glass shattered. Or maybe, you need glass repair as a result of a collision. Whatever the case might be, broken glass is probably one of the ugliest sights for car owners, and it can instantly ruin their mood for the day.

There is no need to feel dismayed or panicked if you went through something like that. CBS Auto Body Shop has your back, for we are experts at glass repair. No matter if it’s a crack or there’s no glass left, we’d take your troubles from you and give you a solution back – that’s a promise. After completing a detailed diagnosis, an in-depth report and possible solutions are provided to our clients. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities because our expert glass technicians measure the extent of damage and the repairs needed to fix it impeccably.


We understand that the tricky part of glass repair is that glasses come in every make and model, and at times, the body shops might replace it, but it doesn’t actually gel in with the rest. However, at CBS, our repairs fix the glass, and you’ll have a look and feel like the one that’s company fitted – because we understand the most intricate distances between the glass used by various automobile companies on their distinctive models. Moreover, our responsive and welcoming customer support team ensures that our clients are kept in the loop at all stages.

Our glass repair services include:

  • Repairs or replaces the glass
  • Windshield Repair
  • Auto Glass Repair