Paint scratches and stone chips diminish the overall look of your vehicle and are a source of annoyance to be seen on the exterior. In addition, these chips may become rusty, causing more issues. CBS’s Auto Paint Repair services are the solution for all such problems.

Lousy weather, rocks thrown up by the car in the front, or collisions can cause your vehicle to have paint chips. It’s never an easy task to cover these up with touchup paint, and thus, our team comprises the industry’s best painters that provide your vehicle’s the paint repair and finishing that could make your vehicle look brand new.


We mix the specific-colored basecoat to harmonize with the vehicle’s original color precisely and then spray the color carefully so that it could match the factory paint. Once we’re done with the basecoat, the topcoat is applied, refurbishing the gloss and shine. Finally, our painters sand and polish any leftover blemishes so that your car looks flawless.

Painters then mix the colored basecoat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the car with precision to match the factory finish. Finally, the clear coat is applied after the basecoat is ready for the topcoat. This restores the vehicle’s natural gloss finish back to its factory appearance.

Thus, CBS Auto Body Shop caters to all your auto-paint repair needs, and our I-CAR Gold Class painters use computerized technology to restore your car to a brand-new look!