Driven by Passion, Upheld by Hereditary Culture and Ethics – CBS Auto Body Shop

“Humanity lies in empathy; you need to treat every person as if they were you! Whoever walks in here is a friend. So, for a client to give you their car, it takes a lot of trust and confidence on their end; we must always ensure that we never do anything to break that confidence.”

The CBS Auto Body Shop Motto

In the early 1981, David, who had moved to the United States from Iran, and his cousin brought an exceptional auto body repair workshop to life. Driven by the words of passion and the dedication that David’s father (an Auto Body Shop owner) had always taught him and Saeed, the two boys inaugurated what is now one of the most recognized auto body repair services in North Hollywood.


California’s Best Service (CBS) Auto Body Shop has served an extensive clientele for five decades now. CBS Auto Body Shop deeply embed the inherited novel culture and ethics by working to redeliver an impeccably maintained, repaired, and detailed vehicle that drives in through their garage door. Our employees are an irreplaceable part of the story penned down by CBS Auto Body Shop. In times as tough as the Covid-19 pandemic, we maintained this relationship where none of those working with us had to go home. Although, with more than fifty years of operations, we have seen a lot more than the Covid-19 pandemic – Recession and Double Recession both, with zero lay-offs was something that made it evident to the community we can be counted on!

At CBS Auto Body Shop, the belief in keeping our employees through testing times paid off for the community and us – new jobs and more employment opened up for the locals.

“Being from Iran, we are very familiar with the pain and sufferings during the tough times. Therefore, we as a company will do our part to ease the pain. This is our promise to the community.”

David -E

Cofounder, CBS Auto Body Shop

To date, CBS Auto Body Shop is steadfast in giving back to the community. Every Christmas, we make a Christmas Drive-Thru Toys Donation for the Children’s Hospital and a kitchen soup contribution during Thanksgiving.


Diligence, Determination and Return on Value (RoV)

We believe in saving time, effort, and money for our customers, providing them a hassle-free seamless service model, and that is why CBS has partnered with leading insurance companies using the Direct Repair Program (DRP). Our owner believes in a hands-on approach, and that is why our team is always available to handle any kind of calamity. We believe that mistakes are a part of being human, but how we handle them is what sets us apart from others.

The foundation of our business is based on customer service, community welfare, and employee welfare. We treat all of our employees as a diligent workforce and as family members, and it’s never about the money. Moreover, we follow a problem-solving approach no matter what the situation is, our customers always leave our shops with satisfaction and a smile on their faces. That’s why CBS is where strangers become friends and friends become family.

“A place where every voice is always heard”