At CBS, we have a team of professionals and experts who offer top-of-the-line paintless dent repair services for minor and larger dents. Paintless dent repair services ensure preserving original factory paint and eliminating surace level irregularities while removing the dent simultaneously.

Our technicians methodically examine the damage to your car to decide whether or not paintless dent repair fits your needs. Usually, the paint on standard vehicles is amenable, which means that more minor dents can generally be repaired without a paint job, but that depends on the depth and location of the dent.

Therefore, to perform a paintless dent repair, our experts find the backside of the dent and use special tools to remove the dent. This offers a two-sided view of the dent and enables our painters to put. This provides a view of both sides of the dent and allows our painters to apply the necessary pressure to even out the surface and restore the body to its original condition.


Sometimes, we use fluorescent light boards to produce shadows around the dent, which helps our team maneuver through the dented areas and process the dent, so the surface comes back to its original position. After utilizing the tools cautiously around the edges of the dent for removal, the size of the dent will diminish and eventually vanish.

CBS Auto Body deploys the up-to-date technology and specialized gear for paintless dent repair, making sure that your vehicle is reconditioned back to its pre-collision state. No matter if it’s a minor ding or a larger dent, bring your vehicle to our body shop and let our technicians do the magic.