Your car gets scratched over the year; the once beautiful coat is now littered with scratches that create an ugly picture. The reason could be anything, from jealous vandals to the dust and minute stones that brush against your car as you drive. We know how much appearance matters when it comes to automobiles because your vehicle is an extension of your personality. The shiny, stunning, and gorgeous look is undermined by scratches and marks, tingling anxiety and annoyance in the owner’s head every time they notice it. Don’t let that scratch ruin your mood in an instant, and reclaim that majestic look both you and your vehicle deserve.

That’s where we come in! CBS Auto Body Shop offers affordable, top-notch quality paint jobs to make your car look as good as new. We offer a variety of types and colors to our users so that they have a vast list of options to pick what appeals to their eyes the most. The tricky part is that any body shop would commit a new paint job to you; the problem is matching it with the factory finish and tone – because even the slightest miscalculation can render the entire work meaningless.


Therefore, the highly skilled and heavily experienced technicians at CBS Auto Body Shop are certified to work on your prized possession with the same care and diligence you’d work on it if you had the means. We introduce your car to the highest standards of precision, finishing, and professionalism in painting – offering it the shine, appeal, and attraction it truly deserves.

We take pride in our superior paint jobs that include:

  • Auto Painting – Expert Color Matching
  • Restores paint and repaints to match factory colors
  • Pearls
  • High Solid Clear Coats (Top Shelf Products)
  • Rust Repair
  • Detailing

From gauging the actual paint thickness and the newly applied layers, we ensure that it is evenly spread to meet the standards of all local and imported car manufacturing brands. With a minimum of 10-years in the industry, the owners add 50 years of mastery as we personally cater to each car’s paint mixing and application. With us taking care of your painting needs, you need to lay off all the worry and hassle because we have a reputation for delivering and maintaining customer satisfaction and make sure that we live up to that.